Thank You, Bill

We’re currently in the process of building four new hydroponic growing machines for Lansdowne Urban Farms, an addition that we hope will not only greatly improve our growing capabilities, but also offer better spacing that will elevate the quality of the greens we grow. With lots of positive feedback from our growing community so far, these upgrades should be extremely good news for our entire community.

However, building a hydroponic system from the ground up is not for the faint of heart. Our quest to build these machines demanded that we not only buy, measure and cut steel, but also weld this steel together – which neither of us had any prior experience in.

Lucky for us, we found Bill, who is an immensely talented individual with a mastery of all things construction – as well as a fine gentleman and a dear friend whose contributions to the birth of this business cannot be overstated.

In the course of building a business, there are many challenges along the way, and Bill has been an essential asset to our team. From the start, his tireless support and ability to solve problems has helped us achieve our mission to grow quality food locally for our community.

So thank you, Bill, for making this endeavor possible, and far less scary! We simply couldn’t have done it without you!