When is Lansdowne Urban Farms Open?

Good question.

The simplest answer is: When we have greens ready to sell, we will be open.

We will annnounce openings and available greens in four places:

  1. Via subscriber emails. Join our mailing list here.
  2. On Facebook
  3. On Instagram
  4. Our website

We hope to be open for business as much as possible, but in light of the unpredictable nature of the business, we want to be flexible. If you need us to bring greens to your home in Lansdowne, we can do that. If you want to stop by the farm at 23 South Lansdowne Ave. and pick up produce, we can do that as well. Let us know.

Our food is delicious, we want you to get it.

Why can’t we be open all the time?

For the time being, without food to sell, it simply does not make sense to use our resources to keep the Farm store open. We are managing the limited growing capacity we have with two hydroponic units, and the growing cycle takes about four weeks (from seedlings started two weeks earlier). Once ready, we have about 10 days to sell those greens at their optimal eating stage. Then the process starts again.

We hope to build some smaller units in the next few weeks to spread out our growing a bit. We also want to create a universe where people eat food when it’s available to them. It’s the same concept as eating strawberries in May and June, but in January, when they sat on a truck for five days to get to you. Fresher. Better. Closer.

Our work at the farm continues daily. If you see us working inside, we might have the door locked, so please just knock.

If you want to arrange a private tour, just email us.

Thank you for your support as we work to bring fresh, hyper-local, nutritious food to our community.