Spring on the Farm

Spring has arrived in Lansdowne, including here at Lansdowne Urban Farms. Although the climate we operate in never changes – a consistent indoor temperature between 70-72 degrees – this time of year is still a season of renewal for us.

For Zachary and I, renewal at the Farm includes a near-constant reevaluation of our growing processes. As has been the case since our inception, the learning process never ends. The science and math of building a sustainable, workable growing regimen requires us to monitor and tweak our methods on the fly. Perfection is never truly attainable, but we do our best to always keep learning and improve what we do. 

Our model for bringing healthy food to our community is far from perfect. However, as we refine and improve our methods, we hope to find the right balance that benefits everyone in the process, from grower to consumer, equally.

If you have not been to Lansdowne Urban Farms yet to see what we are doing, please, do stop by. At the very least, it will prompt some thoughtful consideration of how we all can create a more sustainable life. Nearly all of our crops (with the exception of some particularly difficult Kale) are growing and thriving at the moment, and it is a wonder to see it happening in person. Our microgreens have proven to be a popular item, too.

For us as a society to have the best chance at a healthy and sustainable future, we all need to do our part. Small businesses like ours, and the communities we serve, can make a difference in building a better future.

Thank you for being a part of our community here at the farm. We hope to see you soon! 

Bronze Beauty
Bronze Beauty