Ribbon Cutting – Thursday June 24, 4:00 PM

As of this writing, we are one day away from establishing Lansdowne Urban Farms as an official part of the local business community, during a traditional ribbon cutting ceremony.

So what exactly is the significance of cutting a strip of fabric to mark the opening of a business? My good friend Google told me this about the history of ribbon cutting: “Modern ribboncutting ceremonies begin to appear in historical accounts at the end of the 19th century. According to Union Parish, Louisiana archives, a ribboncutting ceremony was held around 1898 for the opening of a railroad line in northern Louisiana.”

I’d like to think that the launch of Lansdowne Urban Farms is a pretty significant event, for us and our customers as well. Although perhaps not quite as ground-breaking as a new railroad… it does seem like we are starting out on a new, unique path. Certainly, the trip is just as interesting.

So please join us as we mark this occasion tomorrow at 4 pm, right in front of the Farm storefront at 23 S. Lansdowne. Hope to see you there.