Making a New “Office”

The beauty of hydroponic growing is that you can do it almost anywhere inside. You need to be able to control light and temperature but the water recirculates so almost no plumbing is needed. We do have plans to add a closer, bigger sink but for now we are literally buying Distilled Water at the Giant for our two 20 gallon tanks.

We removed 3 cubicles from each side of the office and voila! Lansdowne Urban Farms had space. We still have 4 cubicles (2 on each side) for if / when Hoff communications staff wants to come back. The systems make almost no noise other than small pump gurgling and there is no smell…the room is a little warmer than I would have usually kept it. Thermostat is now on 72 degrees. Most of the mechanicals on these systems are basically fish tank sized.