It’s been a while since our last update, as we have been rather busy here at the farm. The process of getting our new machines up and running has required a fair amount of troubleshooting, but we’re finally up and running with new seedlings now well on their way. As we have learned, patience is an attribute we’ve had to learn as we navigate this new phase of growth!

We also have enjoyed the assistance of our newest workers here at the farm: Ladybugs! Yes, ladybugs are making a difference here, helping us keep the pests away. Believe it or not, even when growing indoors, pests can and will find your crops.

Ladybugs, however, are natural predators, and help keep our produce free from aphids and other insects who might want to take up residence on our leafy greens. So if you buy something from us and find a ladybug hitchhiker, there’s nothing to worry about – just remove it, put it in your garden, and say “thank you” for doing their job.