It’s Been a While

I have the utmost respect for content creators that keep their website or blog consistently lively with fresh content. It’s not an easy task. Between my primary business, minding the Farm, and managing a work-life balance that makes the people important to me feel valued (and there are a lot of you!), sitting down to share my farm-related thoughts here often takes a back seat.

But today, I am back at my keyboard, and I am grateful. The Farm is coming along. We continue to learn more about our greens, the nutrients that feed them, the units that make them able to grow, and the techniques that make our operations more versatile and productive. Yes, there are unexpected bumps in the road (such as the recent power outages that had us sleepless trying to save our growing food), and numerous twists and turns that no one could have expected.

Despite our current times (and I am going to leave politics – and civil rights – out of this post), I feel blessed to work with my oldest son to grow food and to share our mission with people of all ages. Providing locally grown food, without use of any chemicals, is something we are very proud to offer to our community.

Happy Summer to all, and have a wonderful Fourth of July, especially to Zachary, our Independence Day gift. Enjoy my favorite patriotic photo below. It’s my Mom and three of her grandchildren, taken just a little while back.