Going Vertical

Growing, Learning, and Teaching

As we continue to refine our schedule and get our growing processes dialed in here at the farm, we’ve also kept ourselves busy by taking on an exciting new community outreach project.

Thanks to a partnership with a Pre-Kindergarten group, we have installed new vertical growing systems at their three Philadelphia locations. The vertical systems will allow the children who attend to see first-hand how hydroponic farming works. Right now, the systems are fully operational, growing Parris Island Cos Romaine, Gustav’s, and Bronze Beauty Lettuces, as well as Tatsoi, Kale, and Lettuce Leaf Basil.

Zachary has taken the lead on this project, holding classes with each age group to teach them about hydroponic gardening and training staff to help in the growing process. Not only are the children seeing the greens develop right in front of their eyes, they will soon enough be able to taste them as well, when Zachary returns to harvest and lead a tasting session with the kids. It’s both exciting and rewarding to help educate young people about farming, nutrition, and sustainability!

Pictured below is one of the vertical units installed at the PreK, with Tatsoi, Kale, and Lettuce Leaf Basil taking shape!