Monster Assembly

Oh boy! Assembling The Monster was quite a project. It took two-and-a-half people (I’m the half – LOL) over three days! It’s all together now, though – super bright and massive. It has 24 NFT channels on four levels with 360 holes to hold our crops of lettuce, kale, and basil. We have lots to

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The Monster Has Arrived

Now the real work begins — the part that Zachary and I have been training for. This is what we hope our first NFT and Ebb & Flow setup prepared us for. The Monster is 10 feet long, four feet wide and eight feet high. It’s huge, and weighs in at a hefty 700+ pounds.

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Our Sink!

This sink brings us so much joy. We needed Bill for this, not going to lie. Up until this moment, this side of the building had never had water. Why the upside down Home Depot bucket? So the Grandkid can wash her hands, of course!

Water is Important!

The water we use for our plants is critical. Like I said earlier, for the first four months, we relied on jugs of distilled water from Giant. That was not sustainable; we knew that. We also care deeply about not generating more trash than we need to. The first step in eliminating distilled water was

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Roots mean a lot at Lansdowne Urban Farms. First and foremost, that ability to create this business with my son Zachary is such a blessing. I would have never thought it even a possibility. I still think of him as our little first born, the kid we learned how to be parents on…poor guy. Fast

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So many pieces…

Part of this process is that Zachary and I do it all! We call Bill (the best handy guy on the planet) when we are about to lose it. This is the NFT…in pieces.

Making a New “Office”

The beauty of hydroponic growing is that you can do it almost anywhere inside. You need to be able to control light and temperature but the water recirculates so almost no plumbing is needed. We do have plans to add a closer, bigger sink but for now we are literally buying Distilled Water at the

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The First Seedling

Our Ebb and Flow and NFT System arrived the first part of October. This little seedling is one of the first out of our Ebb. It all seems so magical. We will use this equipment to “practice” and learn as much as we can. The NFT System is rated as their “hobby” system as it

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