Introducing Pink Mizuna! Different vegetable colors mean different nutrients. Pink Mizuna is one of the healthiest vegetables that you can eat, exceptionally high in vitamins C as well as folate and the powerful antioxidant, glucosinolate. Give it a try.

The Realities…

The realities of demand outpacing supply have caught up with us and as a result, we’ve decided to remain closed this week (July 15-17).This news is, of course, a mixed bag. We are disappointed that we haven’t been able to keep up but we’ve just ordered enough equipment to build four new hydroponic units. And with

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It’s hot!

We have had some hot days. We lost our air conditioning at the Farm too. It was old so understandable but nonetheless, a curve ball.The plants are happy, the humans, not so much. The seedlings in the ebb are big as a result…apparently they like the heat.

The Fourth of July!

The Fourth of July has always been pretty important in our family. On July 4, 1995, Zachary was born. Attached is a picture of him (second from the right), with his siblings, at the first farm he probably knew, my Mom’s Farm. So happy birthday Zachary, we are all super excited that you came up

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Ribbon Cutting – Thursday June 24, 4:00 PM

As of this writing, we are one day away from establishing Lansdowne Urban Farms as an official part of the local business community, during a traditional ribbon cutting ceremony. So what exactly is the significance of cutting a strip of fabric to mark the opening of a business? My good friend Google told me this

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Arugula’s Spicy Sister

I promise I will get over my Arugula posts…right after this one. Did you know there is something called Wasabi Arugula? It’s the spicy sister of Arugula with the taste of wasabi. The whole plant is edible. If you like wasabi, you should try some – spicy sisters need love too!

Arugula…oh how I wished I loved thee…

Lots of folks love Arugula — I am just not one of those people. They tell me that the Arugula Lansdowne Urban Farms grows is very good. I’ve tried it…but its not going to be in a salad that I eat anytime soon. Maybe it should be on your salad?

What gets you excited?

At Lansdowne Urban Farms its getting new seeds to try! This is a recent batch of new seeds. Can’t wait to see how they do in our hydroponic environment.

This week at the Farm!

Ah…our crops are diversifying. Try something new like Tatsoi! It’s a super nutritious green not readily available in your local grocery store. We look forward to introducing you to new greens. More varieties are coming soon! Also this week, we have a Lettuce Leaf Basil special. Order early for best results.

South Side Thursday Night!

Come on out tonight! Our Parris Island Cos Romaine is ready and delicious! In the next 10 days, we will have Black Magic Kale and Lettuce Leaf Basil and a new Japanese Green called Chijimisai that is loaded with flavor and nutrients. This stunning new superfood contains four times as much vitamin A as carrots!

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